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Car Inspections and Emissions

Get Inspected

Just like you need a yearly physical to ensure your good health, so does your beloved car or truck. An annual car inspection can help keep you on the road safely and help take car of any issues before something goes seriously wrong on the road.

Vehicle Condition Report

Hearing any unexplained bumps or squeaks? A Vehicle Condition Report can help take care of any minor problems before they become major ones. Let our Professional Technicians run a report on your vehicle to asses its health.

Buying A Car

If you’re buying a used car, bring it by our service bays to help you get the best deal and avoid buying a lemon. Our Pep Boys Professional Technicians will give it a complete mechanical inspection and identify any mechanical issues prior to making your purchase.

You will be provided with a Vehicle Condition Report documenting the mechanical condition of the vehicle, along with an estimate for any needed repairs.

Selling A Car

Have the information a potential buy will want ready to go with a Vehicle Condition Report. Completed by one of our ASE certified technicians, this report will provide prospective buyers with a complete bill of health on your vehicle.

This service can make the selling process faster by letting a potential customer know the vehicle condition up front as well as provide additional value another seller may not have.